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Tired of feeling anxious about excess sweat soaking through your clothes, disruption of normal daily activities or the need for multiple change of clothes throughout the day? Through the use of Botox®, Lisa has successfully treated hundreds of patients to help improve and alleviate excessive sweating.

It has completely changed my personal and professional life and cut down on my dry cleaning bill’s.

Finally, I can wear certain shirts and blouses and not worry about sweat rings showing through my clothes!

What is Hyperhydrosis?

Hyperhidrosis (hi-pur-hi-DROE-sis) is abnormally excessive sweating that’s not necessarily related to heat or exercise. You may sweat so much that it soaks through your clothes or drips off your hands. Common areas of excess sweat are noted in the underarms, back, forehead, cheeks and groin areas. Besides disrupting normal daily activities, this type of heavy sweating can cause social anxiety, multiple changes of clothes throughout the day, and possible embarrassment when it shows up at the most inopportune times.

How does
it work?

Botox® works by blocking the nerves responsible for activating your sweat glands. Normally, your nervous system activates your sweat glands when your body temperature rises. This is how your body automatically cools itself. In people with hyperhidrosis, however, the nerves that signal the sweat glands are overactive.

When you receive Botox® injections directly into the area of your body that commonly sweats, your overactive nerves are essentially paralyzed. When your nerves can’t signal your sweat glands, you don’t sweat. However, Botox® only prevents sweating in the specific area where it’s injected.

What can
I Expect?

What you can expect during your visit:

  1. The treatment area will be thoroughly cleansed.
  2. The Minor starch-iodine test is used to localize focal areas of sweating.
  3. A marking pen is used to create a grid pattern over the localized focal areas.
  4. A very fine needle is used to inject multiple, tiny amounts of Botox Cosmetic to the treatment area.

Temporary soreness, redness and/or bruising may occur at the injection site’s. You may resume normal activities but do not exercise or massage the area up to 6 hours after treatment.

Anticipated Results

You will notice a moderate to complete decrease in sweating about five to seven days after treatment and up to two weeks for total dryness. The effects of Botox are temporary, which means you’ll need more injections in the future. For underarm sweating, dryness can last anywhere from four to fourteen months. Results may not last as long for the hands and feet, and you may need to repeat your treatment in about six months.