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AviClear Laser Acne

What is AviClear?

Aviclear is the first and only FDA-cleared laser treatment for treating mild, moderate and severe acne for all ages, all skin types and skin colors. It is an excellent alternative to topicals, birth control, oral antibiotics or Accutane treatments, which can have irritating or harmful side effects on the skin. Research demonstrates that AviClear treatments equals the success of Accutane, without the negative side effects. Aviclear won the “Best Laser Treatment for Acne” by Cosmopolitan and “Future of Beauty Winner” by Elle.

How does AviClear Work?

Acne forms when an overproduction of sebaceous oil is combined with irregular shedding of dead skin cells, creating a clogged pore. The surrounding tissue becomes inflamed and eventually infected with bacteria resulting in pimples, pustules or cysts. AviClear sets itself apart from other acne treatments by directly targeting sebum production. It uses a unique 1726nm wavelength of laser energy to kill bacteria, suppress and down-regulate overproducing sebaceous glands, resulting in reduced pore size, new collagen growth, and reduced scarring.

What can
I Expect?

A series of 3, thirty-minute treatments, over 3 months, is recommended to achieve long lasting acne clearance. AviClear is generally painless and does not require topical numbing.

Mild symptoms, such as redness, inflammation and mild flareups are normal but fade quickly. Some clients may have mild to moderate redness or swelling for 1-2 days post treatment. Clients can resume normal activities directly after treatment. Sunscreen is recommended directly after treatment and daily thereafter.

Anticipated Results

Clinical research demonstrates that a series of AviClear treatments results in long lasting acne clearance. Clinical studies demonstrate that 90% of patients respond to treatment while 87% achieved at least 50% clearance of acne. AviClear is unique to other acne lasers whereby its 1726nm wavelength targets only the sebaceous glands, minimizing the risk of hyperpigmentation.

 AviClear Laser Acne
 AviClear Laser Acne